Workers Compensation

Manhattan Labor Broker Indicted for Workers Comp Fraud

Four construction workers from a labor broker work on a high rise

On Sept. 5, 2019, Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus R. Vance announced the indictment of an unlicensed labor broker, Alvador Almonte Jr., and his insurance broker for conspiring to avoid nearly $1 million in worker’s compensation insurance premiums. Almonte and his broker, Steven Asvazadourian, were charged in a seven-count indictment that included Insurance Fraud in the […]

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Changes to Texas Workers’ Comp Go Into Effect Soon

Texas state capitol building

The state of Texas is about to usher in some significant changes to its workers’ compensation laws. The statutes significantly impact first responders, including firefighters and peace officers, who will have broader protections under the new rules. Other changes include expansion of the role of advanced practice nurses and clarification of the rules around injured […]

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Cannabis Not a Safe Alternative to Opioids, Panel Says

Cannabis plant

A panel of experts at the annual Disability Management Employer Coalition Inc. conference discussed the value of cannabis as a “safer” alternative to opioids last week. The consensus among participants: Cannabis poses more risks than rewards for employers and employees alike. And while that opinion certainly isn’t shared by everyone in the field (even the […]

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Al Noga, Former NFL Linebacker, Loses Workers Comp

Football player getting hit on the field

The Minnesota Supreme Court ruled last week that former Minnesota Vikings lineman Al Noga was not entitled to workers compensation, reversing a decision by the Workers Compensation Court of Appeals. Noga’s lawyers claimed his dementia diagnosis was the result of repeated head injuries sustained while he played for the NFL, and after a long, drawn-out […]

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Avoid Injuries From Small Domestic Animals at Work

A black, brown and white dog

Everyone knows that some animals are dangerous (think sharks, alligators, jellyfish and bears). But the truth is these predators are pretty much isolated from most human contact. Unless you venture into their territory, there’s a very small likelihood you’ll be attacked. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case with small, domestic animals. In fact, thousands of […]

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New York Farmworkers Get Workers Compensation Protection

On Wednesday, July 17, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo signed legislation granting workers compensation to farmworkers in the state. The bill adds a number of additional protections under New York Department of Labor rules, including collective bargaining rights, family medical leave and mandatory time off. Cuomo called the bill “a great achievement” during the signing […]

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New York Workers Comp System Flawed, Says New Report

New York has long been known as one of the nations’ more progressive states. And with both houses of the state legislature now firmly in control of Democrats, progressive new laws tackling everything from climate change to tenant’s rights have been coming out of Albany at a remarkably fast clip. But one area that has […]

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