Filing Your Small Business Income Taxes? Here Are Some Deductions You Don’t Want to Miss

Preparing income taxes with laptop, calculator and misc on desk

It’s that time of year again! April 15th is right around the corner, and many of us are scrambling to get our income taxes done before the filing deadline comes around. Of course, you can always file an extension, but you still need to pay any taxes you owe by April 15th. So, the time […]

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How to Avoid Wage Theft Complaints — Advice for MWBEs

All employers have an obligation to pay workers fairly and in accordance with federal, state and local laws. However, inexperienced business owners often get caught in the cross-hairs of government regulators because they are unaware of what the rules governing workers’ pay are. In New York State, for example, regulators returned over $35 million in […]

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What Benefits Do Injured Workers Get Under N.Y. Workers Compensation Laws

Workers compensation laws differ widely from state to state. Although almost every state requires that employers carry workers compensation insurance, the benefits provided to injured workers vary quite a bit. For example, some states allow the injured employee to choose a treating physician, while others require that the worker see a physician chosen by the […]

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