Month: August 2018

MWBE Connect NY App Helps Contractors Find RFPs

Of all the challenges that certified minority and woman owned businesses face, one of the most consistent and troubling is gaining access to opportunities that are appropriate for their capacity and expertise. But now a recently developed smartphone app is helping MWBEs in New York to do just that. It’s called MWBE Connect NY, and […]

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How to Calculate Your Break Even Point and Why It Matters

All business start-ups face a number of challenges, many of which loom much larger for MWBEs. Access to capital is certainly one of the most significant, as is finding mentors who can offer sound, meaningful advice. But let’s assume for now that you’ve secured the funding you need to get your business going and have […]

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What Are the Five Cs of Credit Assessment?

Access to capital is a challenge for many small business owners, and this is especially true for women and minorities. Typically, MWBEs have more difficulty getting loans from traditional lenders, and pay higher interest rates when they do. That’s why knowing what lenders look for and how they perform a credit assessment is especially important […]

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